Wood Slab Coffee Table is Exactly What You Need

How to Build Wood Slab Coffee Table

There is a large variety of coffee tables and a wood slab coffee table wins a particular attention, as it brings a special feeling of the connection with nature. It is not only a lovely phantom but a real way to save the ecological situation because recyclable materials are used in production.

Though modern design likes new artificial materials, which are practical and not very expansive, natural stuffs are in customers’ good grace, as usual. Timber is one of the most favorite. At the same time the ecological problems require a rational use of natural resources. So a wood slab coffee tables permits to satisfy ecological and designer demands. The realization is not very difficult because this piece of furniture adapts well to many styles. You can play with legs and frames, treatment and colors.

Large Wood Slab Coffee Table

This article delightfulness is in its simplicity and proximity to natural forms. You will never meet strict and right lines as they are created by nature itself. For instance, a round wood slab coffee table is a simple tree cut. It saves an inborn form and patterns. Varnish it and invent interesting legs. They can be both wooden and artificial, and the object will add a heart-warming effect in your conditions. Thin metallic or plastic lags with a wooden top will fit for contemporary design and add some interesting note. A stump or stumps instead of legs have a rustic spirit. Moreover, DIY furniture will amaze and enrapture your friends and guests. An indefinite form of a solid wooden bit creates a real wow-effect and fall in any style.

A raw wood slab coffee table hasan absolutely rural look. It immerses you in old times and creates the atmosphere of calmness and pacification. If you want to have an original article, this variant of furniture is for you.

How to Build a Wood Slab Coffee Table

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