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Coffee Table with Folding Legs

Despite the fact that folding coffee table can be used in different ways – for tea, as a serving, coffee, or place on its books, magazines, vases for sweets and flowers, as well as other small items, its main function is still decorative. Due to its small size and a variety of design solutions, the desks are an elegant addition, give the room a certain charm. In addition, it will look equally well in the different both in size and in purpose rooms. It can be perfectly placed in the lobby, hallway, living room, bedroom, office, library, as well as on the balcony or veranda. This piece of furniture can not only be the final point in the design space, but also give it the intimacy and comfort.

Folding coffee dining table is able to solve many household problems. Depending on the destination, you can choose the color, shape, size and method of unfolding of this extraordinary piece of furniture. Before buying it, it is necessary to determine the order, how often it will serve as a transformer. After all, the number of unfolding depends deterioration mechanism and the material from which it is made.

Coffee Table with Folding Sides

If you decide to use the space of your room to the maximum, using low folding coffee table that can be easily implemented. Having a simple or automatic transformation of the system, at any time of the decor elements, it may turn into a work or dining bar that can accommodate up to 10 people. High-quality products may withstand several thousand unfolding.

Some designs are formed into a book, increasing twice its area. The desk top may change the appearance by the side portions or move aside to make room for the hidden inside the base, on which is superimposed another countertop. In other models, the table top is rotated and then lifted and laid. Designers are doing everything possible to expand the scope of use of a folding coffee table. The same model can be adapted to study, work or family leisure.

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