Pros and Cons of Distressed Coffee Table

Distressed Red Coffee Table

Distressed coffee table seem “alien” from another era, a permanent attribute of luxury and wealth. Actually, it is so in some way. In the modern interior design coffee tables are often used as so-called composite center. Designers have great pleasure in working to develop original models of them. That is why today they exist in large quantities. Different design, shape, material, size, however, they do not lose their relevance and fit harmoniously into almost any decor.

The most common material for the production of coffee bars are glass and wood, or a combination of different materials – stone, metal, plastic. For example, the base may be made of metal or wood, and worktop – glass. In general, the combinations may be different. The shape of the coffee table in the interior there are square, rectangular, oval. And they can be paired and single, high and low.

Distressed Coffee Table Set

Before buying coffee table distressed wood check the area, which it will occupy in the room, with duct tape, to have an idea of its size and how it interacts with the surrounding furnishings. If you have a very large room and fairly large desk, you can reduce size, put on sides of bench or ottoman. If room crowded, it always push back to allow walk freely around, such seats in everyday life serve as an excellent link between sofa and chairs on the other. Do not limit yourself to one ottoman Рput the two.

Distressed black coffee table with a slight indentation on the edge – a great choice if you often spill drinks or if your children often use this table as a dining. They are suitable and if you often take visitors and do not want to worry about stains from wine.


Round Distressed Coffee Table

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